Fan Selector

Fan Selector Help

Making Fan Selections
  1. The Fan Selections Screen
  2. Entering the Required Duty Point
  3. The Electrical Phase & Specific Fan Power Filter
  4. Choosing the Fan Ranges to Select From
  5. Range Specific Additional Parameters
  6. OEM Range Specific Parameters
  7. Making the Selection
  8. Selected Fans
  9. Displaying Fan Data
  10. Selecting Ancillaries
Using Axial Configurator
  1. The Axial Configurator Screen
  2. Motor, Case & Impeller Options
The Performance Curve
  1. Understanding the Fan Performance Curve
Creating Fan Data Sheets
  1. Creating Fan Data Sheets
Building a Quotation
  1. Adding to a Quotation
  2. The Quotations Screen
  3. The Quotations Toolbar
  4. Save as Excel
Viewing Extra Literature
  1. Viewing Extra Literature for the Selected Fan
Program Preferences
  1. Customizing the Programs Operation
Glossary of Terms
  1. Terms Used in Fan Selector


Fan Selector Help - Selecting a Fan

Making the Selection

Click on the Search button to make your selection based on the ranges you've selected.

After a moment a dialog will appear telling you how many fans have been selected:


If more than 200 fans are selected then the search is interrupted and a warning dialog displayed.

Alternatively, by clicking the By Fan Code button you are prompted with the No Ranges Selected dialog:


This enables you to search for a known fan code or on all fans whose code matches a given pattern. For example, entering AVT* will search all fans whose code begins with AVT i.e. all the Aire-Volve Twinfans.

The Reset button will remove all your previously entered selection parameters and return the display to the start-up defaults.


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