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Fan Selector Help

Making Fan Selections
  1. The Fan Selections Screen
  2. Entering the Required Duty Point
  3. The Electrical Phase & Specific Fan Power Filter
  4. Choosing the Fan Ranges to Select From
  5. Range Specific Additional Parameters
  6. OEM Range Specific Parameters
  7. Making the Selection
  8. Selected Fans
  9. Displaying Fan Data
  10. Selecting Ancillaries
Using Axial Configurator
  1. The Axial Configurator Screen
  2. Motor, Case & Impeller Options
The Performance Curve
  1. Understanding the Fan Performance Curve
Creating Fan Data Sheets
  1. Creating Fan Data Sheets
Building a Quotation
  1. Adding to a Quotation
  2. The Quotations Screen
  3. The Quotations Toolbar
  4. Save as Excel
Viewing Extra Literature
  1. Viewing Extra Literature for the Selected Fan
Program Preferences
  1. Customizing the Programs Operation
Glossary of Terms
  1. Terms Used in Fan Selector


Fan Selector Help - Selecting a Fan

Additional Parameters

As you choose the fan ranges you would like to select from then the upper left pane above the Fan Ranges Tree changes to include additional parameters specific to the ranges selected.

For example, you may want filter the selection by fan size, weight, motor power.

You can also pre-select certain ancillaries, such as silencers, that affect the system resistance and so have an affect on the fans performance.

Some typical parameters include:
  • Some ranges default to 4 pole selections, you can change this here.
  • The Pre-select ancillaries list allows you to pick ancillaries that affect the performance of the system and so take their additional resistance into account.
  • The Use strict margins when selecting option will limit the returned fans to just those that lie within your specified margins.
  • The Speed control the curve to required duty option will show the selected fans speed controlled down to the required duty. The sound and power values are adjusted accordingly.
  • Checking Select two speed fans using lower speed parameter will cause the selections to be based on the lower speed of two speed fans instead of the usual high speed.
  • You can select Axus fans using total pressure instead of the default static pressure.
  • The fan performance curves are measured at sea level.  You can adjust the curves for installation at extreme altitudes and temperature here.  Changing these two parameters will slow down the searching.
  • By default the dBA is measured at 3 meters, you can calculate it at other distances here.
  • The Min/Max options allow you to filter your selection by various parameters. E.g. to search only 400 or 450 size units, click the Size check box and type 400 and 450 in Min: and Max: respectively.


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