Fan Selector

Fan Selector Help

Making Fan Selections
  1. The Fan Selections Screen
  2. Entering the Required Duty Point
  3. The Electrical Phase & Specific Fan Power Filter
  4. Choosing the Fan Ranges to Select From
  5. Range Specific Additional Parameters
  6. OEM Range Specific Parameters
  7. Making the Selection
  8. Selected Fans
  9. Displaying Fan Data
  10. Selecting Ancillaries
Using Axial Configurator
  1. The Axial Configurator Screen
  2. Motor, Case & Impeller Options
The Performance Curve
  1. Understanding the Fan Performance Curve
Creating Fan Data Sheets
  1. Creating Fan Data Sheets
Building a Quotation
  1. Adding to a Quotation
  2. The Quotations Screen
  3. The Quotations Toolbar
  4. Save as Excel
Viewing Extra Literature
  1. Viewing Extra Literature for the Selected Fan
Program Preferences
  1. Customizing the Programs Operation
Glossary of Terms
  1. Terms Used in Fan Selector


Fan Selector Help - Selecting a Fan

Choose the Ranges to Select From

Choose the ranges you would like to select from by navigating through the Fan Ranges Tree in the lower left pane.


To expand and close range branches click on the '' icons.

Selecting a parent branch causes all child branches to be searched.

To choose a number of different ranges hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking on individual ranges or hold down the Shift key to choose all ranges between two points.

Note: If the Fan Ranges Tree is not displayed in the
bottom left pane of the Fan Selections screen then click
on the Show Ranges button to display it.

As you highlight individual ranges (not the parent branches) the panel on the right hand side of the screen is updated with information about that range.


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