Fan Selector

Fan Selector Help

Making Fan Selections
  1. The Fan Selections Screen
  2. Entering the Required Duty Point
  3. The Electrical Phase & Specific Fan Power Filter
  4. Choosing the Fan Ranges to Select From
  5. Range Specific Additional Parameters
  6. OEM Range Specific Parameters
  7. Making the Selection
  8. Selected Fans
  9. Displaying Fan Data
  10. Selecting Ancillaries
Using Axial Configurator
  1. The Axial Configurator Screen
  2. Motor, Case & Impeller Options
The Performance Curve
  1. Understanding the Fan Performance Curve
Creating Fan Data Sheets
  1. Creating Fan Data Sheets
Building a Quotation
  1. Adding to a Quotation
  2. The Quotations Screen
  3. The Quotations Toolbar
  4. Save as Excel
Viewing Extra Literature
  1. Viewing Extra Literature for the Selected Fan
Program Preferences
  1. Customizing the Programs Operation
Glossary of Terms
  1. Terms Used in Fan Selector


Understanding the Performance Curve

  • The blue curve is the fan's performance curve. In this example it is shown speed controlled down to 87.5% of the fans full speed.
  • The magenta curve is the system characteristic based upon your entered design duty.
  • The green dot is the design duty and the yellow dot the design duty adjusted for selected ancillaries.
  • The red dot is the operating point for this fan when running at full speed.
  • The grey bar highlights the acceptable margin you specified either side of your required duty point.

If you select an ancillary that causes a resistance, such as a podded attenuator, the performance curve is altered:
  • The grey curve is the resistance of any selected ancillaries.
  • The yellow dot is your design duty adjusted for the resistance of any selected ancillaries.
  • The purple curve is the adjusted system characteristic based upon the adjusted design duty.
  • The dashed red curve is the original system characteristic.
For fans that can be speed controlled the overall performance envelope of the unit is shown in shades of blue. These shades of blue represent increasing amount of Specific Fan Power with the lightest being upto 0.5 W/l/s.

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